Furutech jumper-b 0,2m 4pcs

Furutech Jumper SeriesJumper Series High End Performance Speaker Jumper CablesRATINGJumper-S (Spade connectors) Jumper-B (Banana connectors)FEATURES• High-purity large α (Alpha)-OCC conductors for minimal impedance (3.4 Sq.mm) • Beautifully engineered high performance rhodium-plated nonmagnetic connectors: FP-201(R) pure copper spades (Jumper-S); FP-200B (R) eutectic copper alloy banana connectors (Jumper-B) or spade to banana by request. • Insulated with RoHS compliant special audio grade PVC for high performance electrical properties, reduced capacitance and improved vibration improved damping. Flexible and easy to use. • Results in greater resolution, clarity, powerful dynamics, and an ultra-quiet soundstage in which music develops more fully without artificial upper-frequency “presence region” glare. • Top-end performance at an affordable price. SPECIFICATIONSConstruction and Materials • 7 bundles of 19-strand α (Alpha)- OCC Conductor- 0.18mm, 12AWG • Insulation: Special audio grade PVC, OD: 4.5mm diameter • Jacket: RoHS Compliant Braided Nylon, approx. 5.5mm • Connectors: FP-201(R) spade terminal or FP-200B(R) Bananas • Wire length: 20cm/pc Electrical Properties of Cable Max. Conductor Resistance 5.4ω/km JISC3005 6 20°C Min. Insulation Resistance 2500 Mω-km JISC3005 9.1 20°C Dielectric Strength AC. 3000V/1 min. JISC3005 8

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